Organizational Assessment Surveys

Determining the health of your organization entails assessing its strengths and weaknesses from top to bottom, identifying areas to be leveraged and improved.

To paraphrase, a company's structure is only as solid as its weakest link. The people who can most effectively identify where your company may be weak are your employees. They are dealing with the day to day functions that make your business run smoothly. To determine just how healthy your organization is, ask them. Then use their responses to build an action plan which can shore up any weak spots and acknowledge your positive points.

A solid company structure, effective leadership, an engaged workforce, and good business practices are necessary to increase the overall productivity of your organization. An organizational assessment can help you develop these traits within your company.

An organizational Assessment Survey can help you to:

 - Assess employee understanding of your internal organizational structure

 - Examine how your employees are working together to meet your organization's goals

 - Understand the current social climate and work environment of your organization

 - Increase productivity

 - Decrease employee turnover

 - Strengthen employee relations

 - Increase customer satisfaction

A large part of your organization's success will depend on the type of environment created in the workplace. If your company is suffering from issues such as a communication problem, employee resentment, mid-level mismanagement, an organizational assessment will help to correctly identify the source of these issues and lead you to a viable solution. Identified early enough, larger issues can be averted.

Keep your employees engaged and retain the best and the brightest talent.

Accentuate the strong characteristics of your company and minimize those problem areas that can undermine your company's health.

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