Safety Culture and Model

The safety culture of Toshiba Max Ltd. is defined by ten key elements which are described below:

  1. Just Culture

    We pride ourselves as having an atmosphere of trust in which people are encouraged for providing/ sharing essential information/ safety-related information. Employees are also clear about where the line is drawn between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.
  2. Reporting Culture

    Managers and operational personnel freely share critical safety information without the threat of punitive action.
  3. Informed Culture

    Those who manage and operate the system have current knowledge about the human, technical, organisational and environmental factors that determine the safety of the system as a whole.
  4. Learning Culture & Training

    We possess the willingness and the competence to draw the right conclusions from our safety information system and the will to implement major reforms.
  5. Flexible Culture

    We are able to reconfigure ourselves in the face of high tempo operations or certain kinds of danger - often shifting from the conventional hierarchical mode to a flatter mode.
  6. Risk Perception

    Individuals' at all organisational levels have the same perceptions and judgments of the seriousness of risks, as these perceptions affect risk behaviour and appropriate decisions with regard to safety issues.
  7. Attitudes to Safety

    Attitudes (especially management's) in relation to safety, risk and production.
  8. Safety-related behaviour

    Our safety-related behaviour has everything to do with directly complying with procedures, rules and regulations, but also to aspects such as coaching, recognising, communicating, demonstrating, and actively caring.
  9. Communication

    Communication serves as a foundation for planning. We acknowledge that communication is significant for managers in the organizations to perform the basic functions of management, i.e., Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.
  10. Productivity versus safety

    Produce, produce, produce! That's the mantra leaders and workers hear today. But at what cost? At Toshiba Max Ltd. we advocate and believe in "Productivity gains through safety innovations".